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Thank You!

Many thanks go out to everyone who so generously participated in our annual Giving Tree program this Advent and Christmas.

We collected $230 to assist the elderly and needy with season heating costs.

Through Episcopal Relief and Development parishioners gifted 4 care packs for moms & newborns, 1 nourishment for a child, 1 disaster relief kit, 1 goat, 1 pig, 1 share of a pig, 2 mosquito nets, and 1 vitamins & preventive meds to the needy in the developing world.

The greatest response came to our newest Tree benefiting the Blessing Store food bank hosted at Evangelical Methodist. Donations included: 65 bars of soap, 48 cans of soup, 36 jars of peanut butter, 36 cans of green beans, 36 applesauce packs, 36 breakfast bars, 36 cans tomato sauce, 36 canned corn, 24 cans pears halves, 24 cans diced tomatoes, 24 boxes of pasta, 24 boxes jiffy mix, 20 packs oatmeal,18 cans baked beans, 18 boxes cereal, 17 jelly, 12 cans stewed tomatoes, 12 bags of rice, 12 cans chicken, 12 toothpaste, 12 cans of peas, 12 cans tomato paste, 4 cans potatoes, and 2 cans carrots.

On top of all that, parishioners rallied on short notice to provide Christmas gifts to a local family in need.

This generosity is truly outstanding and a hallmark of St. Peter's sharing God's blessing and caring for God's people far and near.

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